St Arnaud Holiday Cottages



Booking Information / Terms of Stay


Please read fully and carefully.  Once you make a booking, it will be taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions.



Interested in renting a cottage?



All the holiday homes available through this website are used by their owners for their own breaks away. In some cases, this can be the second or third generation of the same family. This means that when you stay at a cottage, you are not just renting some faceless accommodation, but you are staying in someone's second home. The family that owns it may be staying before and after you.


As a consequence, we do some things a little differently to hotels, motels and serviced apartments.  For example: 

·        The cottage is set up for the owner, and may be different from what you may be familiar with.

·        You will need to clean up the place at the end of your stay. (We leave you cleaning equipment and instructions on what you will need to do.)

·        You will need to bring with you things like sheets, towels, pillow cases and tea-towels, as well as food and any other essentials.






The rate shown with the cottage is the base rate for 4 people.  Additional charges are as follows:

·    A $10 administration fee is charged on all bookings.

·        Single night bookings incur a surcharge of $20.00 additional to the tariff shown.  As a general rule, we will not take single night bookings over busy weekends / holiday periods.

·        Extra Adults (aged 13 years plus) are charged at $20 each per night.

·        Extra Children (ages 2 - 12) are charged at $12 each per night.

·        Extra Babies (aged under 2) are charged at $6 each per night.


** Tariffs may vary.  Check the specific cottage pages for the correct rates. **



Booking Process



When you make a booking from our website the following process occurs:

1) Your booking request and details are forwarded to St Arnaud Holiday Cottages.

2) During office hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, we chronologically work through each booking request. We will screen each booking for suitability and availability and only process the booking once we are satisfied all information is provided and the bach is available.   

3) If you provide credit card details, and confirm you wish to pay by credit card, a deposit will be deducted at this time and a confirmation sent. Please remember credit card payments incur a 5% surcharge.  If you wish to pay by other means an email will be sent providing details of how you can make your payment. Confirmations will only be sent upon receipt of payment. 


4) Bookings not paid for within 7 days will automatically be cancelled.  If you require more than 7 days to make a booking payment, please let us know.

5) Should your booking be rejected due to unavailability or other reasons you will be advised. There is always a possibility that someone may book prior to you - especially if you are using our website outside of normal office hours. Please note we operate on a "first come, first served" basis so please be aware that your booking is not a certainty until we have sent you a confirmation.

If you are booking within a short time frame (ie within 4 days) we strongly recommend you contact the office directly on (03) 521-1197 during office hours to check on the validity of your booking before proceeding on your journey.






Each booking made attracts a $10 non refundable administration fee. This fee is in addition to the nightly tariff quoted for each home and is charged only once for each booking.   


Please note a $20 surcharge will be applicable to one night bookings.  There may also be a minimum number of nights permitted to be booked for event/long weekends and holidays.

A deposit of 50% of the total cost of accommodation is required to secure any bookings made more than 21 days before the planned arrival day. 


This must be made within 7 days of your booking or your booking will be cancelled. 


A booking confirmation will be forwarded to you once we have confirmed availability and you have paid the booking deposit.


If you require extra time to pay your deposit, or wish to cancel please contact us immediately. 


If a booking is for one night, or made within 21 days of the expected arrival date then the total cost for the accommodation will need to be paid within 48 hours.


You may pay your deposit by direct deposit, cheque, Visa or Mastercard.   We will send you our bank account details when you make your reservation request.  Payment by credit card will incur a 5% surcharge. 

Once payment is received we will email a confirmation receipt with information on where to pick up the key, reference numbers etc.  Any balance owing needs to be made on or before departure.

In the event of an account not being paid when due, for either accommodation, sundry hire or other possible charges we reserve the right to charge the credit card number provided, or if not provided, to invoice the tenant and if necessary refer the account to a debt collection agency and add all costs of collection to that account.



What to bring



All houses are fully furnished.  Please check the information page of each home to see a list of contents.
Duvets and pillows are provided for the beds and often extra blankets are supplied as well.
Basic cooking utensils etc. are provided, however we recommend if you require a specialised piece of cooking equipment or a coffee plunger that you bring this with you.   Not all baches have these.

A dish cloth and cleaning products are provided.
Baches with log fires have wood provided.

The tenant is required to bring their own:

1. Sheets and pillowcases for the beds and any extra blankets you may feel necessary
2. Food & beverages, including coffee, tea, sugar, milk, salt & pepper, herbs, cooking oil etc.
3. Personal hygiene products including soap, shampoo etc
4. Laundry powder
5. Toilet paper

6. Tea towels, and dish washing liquid.


Linen Hire



Linen can be hired if required.  All linen is charged at a flat rate of $20 per set.  This includes single or queen sets. 

Single includes : 2 sheets, 1 pillow case, 1 towel, (1 tea towel if a single set is all that is required).

Queen includes: 2 sheets, 2 pillow cases, 2 towels, 2 tea towels.





Any home listed with a BBQ will not have a gas bottle provided. You will need to bring your own or hire one from St Arnaud Holiday Cottages for $5 per night. This will be delivered to your cottage ready for your arrival, and will be collected at the end of your stay.  Any BBQ used by a tenant is required to be cleaned properly prior to departure. BBQs are inspected after every tenant and if you fail to clean the BBQ after using it, you will be charged a $30 cleaning fee.



Cleaning Service



Unless stated otherwise the price quoted does not include cleaning by St Arnaud Holiday Cottages.  The tenant must leave the house clean and tidy for the next tenant. We will inspect the home after your departure and reserve the right to charge you for a clean if this is not done satisfactorily.

If you are unable to clean the home or have no desire to be cleaning on your holiday, please advise us and we will arrange to have it cleaned for you for an extra charge (excluding dishwashing and bed making).  The cleaning charge for each property is shown in the property details. 

 Please note that you will need to check-out by 10am if you require our cleaning service.







Please do not exceed the maximum number of occupants. Pitching tents is not permitted. Minimum night limitations may apply during high peak occupancy periods such as event weekends, long weekends, statutory holidays, or school holidays.






Most homes will not allow pets. It is essential for health reasons (i.e. allergies) that this is complied with. Please DO NOT ask if a pet can be bought unless the property specifically indicates that this is acceptable.






Smoking is prohibited in all of our St Arnaud Holiday Cottages. If the smell of smoke is found in any property after it being vacated, a charge of $250 will be made to cover the cost of cleaning curtains / bedding, and giving the whole property a thorough wipe down and airing.  If you wish to smoke, do so outside, and dispose of butts thoughtfully. (Throwing the butts into the garden is NOT thoughtful).  Please take all signs of your smoking away with you.






The person making the booking is liable for damages to any property or content of the property incurred during their stay, weather it is done by them or not.  Please inspect the property upon arrival and report any damage immediately to us.  By accepting the conditions of the booking, you accept full responsibility and acknowledge that you are personally liable for payment for any damage to the home or property both malicious or accidental by yourself or any of your guests and that any remaining balance can be charged on your credit card or invoiced directly to you should a credit card not be provided.






Please take all rubbish with you.  We do not have a rubbish dump at St Arnaud.  Please double check that all rubbish is removed from bins prior to departure.  The ONLY acceptable time to leave rubbish is on Tuesday mornings by 8am.  All rubbish MUST be placed in Tasman District Council approved rubbish bags (available at the shop) and left tidily at the road side.  Where a property has a recycling bin, please ONLY leave what can fit into the bin.  Bottles and tins should be rinsed first.  The rubbish contractors do not always pick up additional boxes of recycling.



Gatherings and Noise



Noisy parties or gatherings are not permitted. We ask that you respect the neighbours.  If complaints are received and management is required to attend the incident a $100 call out fee will be charged and the tenant will be ask to quieten down.  Upon receipt of further complaints St Arnaud Holiday Cottages reserve the right to evict the tenant from the property.

Large gatherings for birthdays, weddings, conferences or similar such activities, where the number of people in attendance at any one time far exceeds the stated number the house sleeps, must first be approved by St Arnaud Holiday Cottages.



Check In



When planning your trip please make note that the check in time is any time after 2pm.

It does not matter if you arrive late in the evening as the information on where the keys are and the address of the property will be provided once the deposit has been made. 

PLEASE DO NOT assume if you arrive before 2pm that your cottage will be available, unless prior arrangements have been made with us.

PLEASE DO NOT forget this information, as we may not be around when you arrive. 

PLEASE DO NOT expect the local store to give you advice on where a property is, or where the key is.  They ARE NOT affiliated with St Arnaud Holiday Cottages.



Check Out



Standard check-out time is 11am but if you have purchased a full cleaning service we require that you check-out by 10am. Late check out may only be possible at the discretion of management. Should you wish to have a late checkout you will need to contact us prior to your arrival.   If we arrive to shut down the property at 11am, and you are still there, and you have not pre-arranged a late check out, you will incur a $50 late check out fee.



Cancellations and Alterations



Please select your bach carefully.


If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason 21 days or more prior to arrival date you will receive a refund of the deposit minus the $10 non refundable administration fee.

If you wish to cancel within 21 days of your arrival date, your deposit will not be refunded and you will be liable for payment of the full period of time originally booked unless the same home is able to be re-let for the same period.

Should you choose to shorten the length of your stay, and it is within 21 days of your arrival date you will still be liable for the full period originally booked. Please choose your dates carefully.

If you wish to transfer your confirmed booking from one home to another, this will incur a $20 administration fee.   Please note transferring a booking is only permitted 21 days or more prior to the arrival date, otherwise this will be treated as a cancellation for the original bach.

All bookings are subject to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances including the sale of the property, long-term letting or other events outside St Arnaud Holiday Cottages’ control. If your booking is cancelled we will endeavour to book you into an equivalent home, however St Arnaud Holiday Cottages takes no responsibility if this is not possible. Any existing deposit may be either put towards a new booking or refunded in full.



Lost Property



While every care will be taken to retrieve lost items St Arnaud Holiday Cottages will not be held accountable or responsible for items lost or left behind by tenants. St Arnaud Holiday Cottages reserves the right to charge a collecting fee for any items left behind by the tenant. Items will be held for a period of three months before being disposed of.






We do not guarantee that the products and services that are listed in any of the homes will be continuous or fault free. St Arnaud Holiday Cottages will endeavour to repair/replace any faulty item but given the limited services available in the village this may not always be immediately possible. Events beyond our control, such as poor weather, power cuts, empty water tanks due to lack of rain, or unforeseen electronic breakdowns, do not give the tenant the automatic entitlement to a discount, unless such event has prevented the tenant from being able to safely occupy the property altogether and St Arnaud Holiday Cottages are unable to relocate the tenant to a property of equal size and standard.






Most of the properties we manage in St Arnaud rely SOLEY on rain water for providing water to the property.  As a result of this, over long dry summers, water tanks can get VERY low and even run out.  Please use water carefully and conservatively, and if you run out, please contact us immediately to arrange a refill.



Changing these Terms and Giving Notices



We may change these terms, by changing or removing existing terms or adding new ones, at any time. The change applies from the time it is published on our site. If we need to give you any notice, we can do this by emailing you at the last email address you have provided us. You are deemed to have received the email at the time the email leaves our server.






These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and ourselves.

Our failure or delay in exercising or enforcing any right or provision of these terms shall not constitute a waiver of such right or provision.

If any provision of these terms is found by a Court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, the parties nevertheless agree that the Court should endeavour to give effect to the parties' intentions as reflected in the provision, and the other provisions of these terms remain in full force and effect.